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This group is for people that ship Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura from the anime/manga Naruto. We do not needlessly "bash" other shippers and would like if no one else bashed us. We use logic.
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Jul 21, 2012


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Welcome to Pro NaruSaku, a group that shows support the pairing, Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno from the manga and anime series, NARUTO.

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1. No trolling and spamming the Anti-NaruSaku and other Anti NaruSaku groups. We must show our maturity in that we can support that pairing that we like the most and respect the opinions and likings of others. Also if anyone does "bash" you for being a NaruSaku fan ignore them and stay away from them.

II. Respect others and their preferences.

III. No bashing on characters and other pairings, okay? This isn't the place to do so. This group needs to stay positive!

IV. Follow the motherfreaking Deviantart Rules. Nuff said.

V. DON'T FEED THE TROLLS. Instead, move on. Use logic to handle situations.

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I. No Anti and bashing works of NaruSaku, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno and other characters and pairings.

II. Please use the Mature content filter. We don't want kiddies be scarred for life because they found a sexy picture of NaruSaku now do we?

III. Submitted your work in correct folders! (If you by accident submit into the wrong folder please message me to correct it and if this is repeated in the future I will message you personally).

IV. No submissions of stolen or edited artwork, screenshots or manga panel.

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Favorites are only accepted if:

-The deviant is inactive or banned.
-Wasn't accepted into the gallery thus declined.

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Join: On top of the page, there should be "Join Our Group" bottom. Click on it and you're automatically accepted!

Contribute Art: Click on the "Contribute Art" and wait until your stuff is approved as if it depends if you follow the rules or not.

Suggest a fave: Click on the "Suggest a fave" and wait until it is approved or declined.

Submit a Blog: Click on the "Submit a Blog" and wait until it is approved or declined.

Affiliate: Go to your homepage and click Affiliate and type Pro-NaruSaku and sent your affiliate. Or leave a note or comment. Wait until it is approved or declined. We refused to affiliate with anti and groups of characters and pairings.

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There's no excuse for the lack of activity. Then again the group isn't "Major" and wasn't even when I kinda took over. I took over on a whim since I was still into Naruto, the prior admin wasn't, and I had free time so it seemed to make sense. Why not hand over the group to someone who still likes Naruto? It makes lots of sense at the start.

But now I'm also in that mode as the prior admin. Naruto just isn't that big for me. I guess you could say this began much much earlier when I was in high school and I kinda dropped the anime. I was still watching it but I was left bitter about the show with the Pain Arc, I was upset with how the anime staff handled the show. This isn't even as a NaruSaku fan, I know NaruHina got lots of love but I was more upset that the arc itself was shafted in favor of supporting a pairing. For me with anime it should be "Story before shipping". I love shipping don't get me wrong I just really was irked by that.

I dropped the anime though years prior. I was still reading them manga but somewhere along the line things staled for me. I still loved the great chapters that came out like when it had characters that were relevant but it was apparent how bad some other chapters were. It got to a point where I only read Naruto when it seemed "important" plot points came about. The whole Obito was the villain and just how the last war was executed in the manga was flat. Uninteresting, boring, and not living up to expectations. Don't even get me started on the last chapters.

Well in truth the last chapters didn't bother me as much. More like I kinda was into other shows, other anime, there were better things than Naruto. The fact Naruto ended badly just didn't effect me as much. At least until the fandom also got worse.

For the longest time I'd hesitate telling people I was into Naruto. Why? Because Naruto as it's own fandom is odd. Many fans refuse to get into other anime, many dislike other fandoms, and they have issues all their own. What with "debating" things about the manga/anime. I also really disliked how some fans would treat other fans. My friend :iconladygt: received lots of hate a little after the last chapter because she was honest in how she disliked the ending. You can dislike an ending it's fine but other fans don't see the whole picture. Most thought she disliked the ending SOLELY because NaruHina was canon. When in truth there was a lot more wrong about the ending that left us upset.

It was my lack of loving Naruto like I used to, the entire fandom as it became and really always was, which leads me to now. I am just not a fan any more.

Thing is it's okay to leave a fandom. This sounds odd even for me because I don't take hobbies so seriously but in hindsight there's more too it. When something you enjoy becomes so distorted, so unenjoyable, and you just can't stand it anymore it's okay to leave. For me I knew I just couldn't stand Naruto and being part of the fandom.

Don't get me wrong when I look back on parts of the series I like I still like them. I still loved back when I discovered amazing artists who drew fan art and whom later became awesome friends. I still love the early days of when I first stumbled onto Naruto and became part of the wider anime community. And I still dig characters and fan art and what not. But as it stands I'm just not the Naruto fan I used to be. So it's with that I must concede to handing this group over to someone else.

Whom ever reads this and thinks "Hey, I can run Pro-NaruSaku better than Flying Lion" just message me and.... I'll figure it out. Honestly I was given the group a while ago and I am bad at techy stuff. But if I look over things I'm sure I can figure out how to give this group over to someone more properly able to run it.
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Our group GaaraMatsu is holding a contest. If you please could advertise our contest in your group we would be very grateful :) And if you ever need us to advertise your events, don't hesitate to send us a message.

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:icongaaramatsu: Multi-theme GaaMatsu Fanfiction Contest

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Hello affiliate!:D

Our group GaaraMatsu is holding a contest. If you please could advertise our contest in your group we would be very grateful :) And if you ever need us to advertise your events, don't hesitate to send us a message.

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More info:

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Hi Could you let your members know about a NaruSaku Art Contest? (aka Heaven & Earth) is hosting a NaruSaku-themed Web Banner Design Contest for their website. First prize winner will become the featured artwork at the top of each page on the site. Top five winners will be included in the web themes. 

Entries have to feature Naruto and Sakura and can be original art or manga colorings. You can enter multiple times! All winners credited and linked.

Visit for rules, examples and upload info.

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Deadline: 31st August, 2013
Info: [link]

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